Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brownstone Quilt Show - November 6 and 7th

Julie and I had a wonderful time at the Brownstone Quilt Show held last weekend in Allendale, NJ.  Over 200 beautiful quilts on display! We were proud as so many were from our instructors and our students- many were prize winners! Way to go!! Congratualtions to all of you!

Our booth

Another view

Anja recieved Honorable Mention!

Lacey won for her protrayal of Lymes Disease using her Sizzling Circle Technique.

Kathi's prize winning Starlight Retreat! Her first ribbon! I know their will be many more!

Kathi's Tilt -A-Wheel

Gert's quilts

Debby Siccardi's winner! Beautiful!

The other side of Debby's winning quilt! Wow!

Kathi's One Block Wonder...Stunning!

Sue Zuniga's winner! Such beautiful applique!

Our friend, Jim Helms of Woddstock Quilt Supply!

Colleen and her buddy, Bob Silverman of Woodstock Quilt Supply!

Our friend, Sue Zuniga manning the door prizes!

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